Non Contact Infrared Thermometer

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Features: Digital Display, Instant Measurement

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Take your temperature is accurately and hassle-free. This Infrared Forehead Thermometer is a safe, sanitary, and non-invasive way to take clinically accurate readings in just 1 second. Touch-Free Infrared Forehead Thermometer measures body and object and liquid temperatures. Safe, sanitary and noninvasive temperature readings – body temperature measurements taken at forehead. Fever icon indicator can quickly determine normal or high measurements. Illuminated, backlit display for low light use.

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  1. admin

    At the suggestion of a few people in a cooking thread at, I purchased this infrared thermometer. I had asked a question about the best pan to sauté mushrooms and onions, and was told the temperature which the butter/oil is added is far more important.

  2. admin

    We purchased this product to test the temps of our wood stove. Always cared for, never dropped, never allowed to be near heat, it started to act strange this past spring at the end of the heating season. I figured it was a weak battery and took the battery out for the season, storing it in its original box.

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